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You're on a space ship with a very sexy and innocent commander girl. Everytime you click the mouse to shoot, you have a chance of her stripping and doing other stuff! If you shoot the laser and it doesn't blow up, she'll strip and eventually suck some stuff and maybe you can fuck her but we don't know. If anyone can figure out the formula for clicking LET US KNOW! We think it might have something to do with the yellow things flashing around. Sometimes if you click the mouse right before or during a half moon yellow thing is right next to the giant "R" in the word FIRE, it seems like it works. Have fun and good luck! Update:Thank you to everyone who has emailed us with your comments and suggestions. We have found that there is no real formula, rather you can cheat easily right clicking then choosing forward, Then you can right click and select 'Play' until you get her stripped completely. Thanks again to everyone who emailed us!Sayla

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